I Am Relocating My Employees

NFB is a leading Norwegian provider of global removal services, offering quality and cost effective solutions for your company while maintaining a close dialogue with your expats/repats to ensure they can travel to their new location without concerns for their household goods.  Our global partner-network consist of quality certified moving companies.

What drives employee global removal program in your business?
Growth opportunities, mergers and acquisitions, or the implementation of new business strategies may drive your global removal program. To meet these organizational challenges, an effective global removal solution must consider cultural, legal, political and organizational constraints, while addressing such needs as talent retention, cost management, a fair and just Move Policy and more.
Our consultative approach starts by asking the right questions to understand these drivers and influencing factors and concerns. From there, we create custom, high quality solutions designed specifically for our clients’ global removal needs.

NFB as your preferred mover!
We provide a complete global removal solution, from designing and implementing removal policies to providing overseas assistance with immigration services or securing executive housing. Our clients include some of the largest Norwegian multinational corporations, Government bodies and the Diplomatic community as well as smaller organizations needing assistance with a few assignee relocations, and everything in between.
As a leader in our industry in Norway, we are fully committed to our customer-centric philosophies and to our vision, mission and slogan:
  • Vision:  “We aim to be the strongest link in your supply chain!”
  • Mission: “To satisfy each and every customer to their satisfaction, and assure that their start up on their new location is positively strengthened through our performance!”
  • Slogan:  “It’s not just a move.. it’s YOUR move!
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