Home And Schoolsearch

DSP services (Destination Service Provider) consist of a wide range of services one take for granted in ones home country, but which can be very time consuming and complicated in overseas countries.  Typical DSP services are;
  • House search
    • Identify correct neighborhood
    • Identify correct residence (price, size, facilities etc.)
    • Lease assistance
  • School search
    • Which schools can offer the desired curriculum?
    • Where is such school located relative to your new home?
    • Assistance to apply for admission
  • Immigration & Visa
    • Are you qualified to obtain needed visa (eligibility assessments)
    • Application assistance
    • Visa tracking
    • Visa renewal
    • Visa cancellation
  • Practical assistance
    • Orientation and cross-cultural training
    • How to open bank account/s
    • Registration assistance with local health authorities
    • Identify- and book PCP (Primary Care Physician)
Through our trading partners, we can offer all the above in most countries, in addition to guided get-to-know your new neighborhood tours.  Please contact us for further information.